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Welcome to the world of all things anime, video games, comics, fiction, manga, and fantasy! At KB Gaming Comics & Books, we review, rate, and promote the work of artists and authors.

Through our work, our mission is to recognize and acknowledge the imagination of our youth, despite the negative labels that may be placed on them.

Our vision is to bring books and gaming to life.

KB Gaming Comics & Books was founded by Kaden Baltimore in 2017 when he was ten years old. From a very young age, Kaden has struggled to maintain friendships with his peers, concentrate in organized settings like school, and self-regulate his emotions due to the symptoms associated with ADHD. Despite these challenges, Kaden has many hobbies that he loves to pursue, including playing video games, writing, and reading.

Recently, Kaden formed an online gaming team with a few boys from his school, which helped him develop communication and strategy skills–normally, these are hard concepts for him to understand. Around the same time, he also decided to write his first fantasy novel, called Night & Day Of The Blood Cryer. When Kaden’s parents reviewed the first draft, they were shocked and impressed by the mental stamina their son had shown in completing such an ambitious, well-written story. His father, Marvin I Baltimore, Jr., decided to help Kaden in his journey to become a young author by editing the manuscript and helping him start a company to publish the book. In April 2018, Kaden published the novel on Amazon with plans to write future sequels under The Children of Perdition Series.

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